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10 Tips To Remain Blog Creative When (Sick) At Home

By on October 19, 2016

Ok, I have some news… I am afraid I do not have any recently adventures to share with you from my beloved Athens since I have to stay at home, due to some health/pregnancy issues. Yeap! Not in the best phycology but I have the best support from my husband, family and friends that the only path to follow is the one that gives me positive thoughts.

So… I figured out that if I keep my mind busy and looking for new blogging content, it helps me to stay focused and creative.

While I was looking for ways to make me feel a bit better, I discovered 10 simple things to make me & you more blog creative while being at home & perhaps sick.

  1. Read. A book, your favorite magazine, other blogs whatever you feel like it will inspire you & help you not to lose your positive psychology.
  2. Write write write… It is the best time to express yourself with a new “dear diary” blog post or a fiction story, or even Your! story. If you are not at all in such a mood,  you could check your blog`s archives for broken links or see if you wish to make any changes/amendments on your past blog posts. At least now you have the time to do it.
  3. Practise your photography skills. Yes, you can still do that even at home. Spot the best lighted room of your house or check if your balcony works for you. Play with artificial light or at low light situations at night (that shutter speed can be really tricky…). If you cannot get out of bed, read your camera`s manual and learn how to photograph on the manual mode situation.
  4. Take an online course (i do udemy). You can learn a new language (that depends on how long you are staying at home but either way it is a great opportunity to start), or you can start that online writing course you`ve always wanted to. There are million opportunities on the web for an online seminar either for free or not. Have you checked coursera?
  5. Create magazine collages. If you work your posts from your home office room, then that is an excellent way of decorating it. Collect everything you find amusing, inspiring or a possible future article. Alternatively, you can create mood boards on pinterest for future use.
  6. Use your old stationery. Use that notebook you bought months ago and never found the time to use until today. Take notes on all your favorite blog topics, jot down all your possible ideas for future blog posts or create your personal lists for readings, tasks to do, projects to create…
  7. Think. Now it is perhaps a good time to really think about a bigger future plan for your blog in total, or a smaller project that you wanted to complete, or even how to adopt new habits on your daily life through your page.
  8. Research. Search the web for topics that interest you, photography sites, story telling techniques, writing tips, DIY projects, motherhood posts (in my case), the topics are endless.
  9. Enjoy old & new movies. I get so inspired by movies and I prefer the ones I have already watched many times! The fact that I love them, makes me feel so secure. Weird? The dialogues, their photography and the topics of discussions. Of course I will not say no to a good recommendation on a movie I have not watched yet.
  10. Follow Art. Take virtual tours in museums around the world. That is a habit I recently discovered and I enjoy it so so much!! What more creative and inspiring than art itself?

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you enjoyed my list!!

Marianthi, xo 

P.S. another list & more blogging tips

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  1. Reply

    Ken Powell

    October 25, 2016

    Sending positive thoughts and wishing you speedy return to full health. Cheers, ken

    • Reply

      Marianthi ||

      October 25, 2016

      Thank you!! Thank you Ken!! I apreciate it!! 🙂


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