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Aegina Island! A 24 Hour Athens Escape!!

By on August 8, 2015

aegina island 18

I love travels and especially the unexpected ones.

When my friend Sofia visited Athens from London last month, we decided out of the blue to spend a day at Aegina island and catch up on our news.

It was a great choice since we didn`t have much time and we had never been to Aegina before.

Such a shame, if you (or I) think that it is only one hour away from Athens by boat


We met at the port of Piraeus early in the morning, full of energy and excitement for the outing and decided to travel with Hellenic Seaways. There is high availability of scheduled routes (every two hours or so) and the tickets cost 25,00 euros both ways.

We stayed at Aegina Hotel, 10 minutes walk away from the port of the Island. A cute and cosy hotel, beautifully decorated, small balconies with great sea view and decent breakfast.

aegina island 1

aegina island 17

aegina island 23

We didnt miss any time at all and immediately started wondering around islands streets, buying lots and lots of little bags of the famous Aeginian peanuts (really really delicious -could not stop eating them) at the port and enjoying the cool breeze.

aegina island 6

aegina island 8

aegina island 4

aegina island 5

aegina island 2

We decided to have lunch at a Greek Tavern named “Mpampis” and ordered fresh salad, fish and calamari. The place was on the beach and as the sun was going down it was like eating on a painting.

The sky wore its most relaxing colours, just enough, to rest your eyes on the horizon and embrace all the positive energy that only sea can give.

aegina island 12

aegina island 13

aegina island 10

aegina island 11

aegina island 14

On our way back to the hotel, late in the afternoon, we stopped for a quick desert with handmade ice cream and enjoyed a little more the island.

aegina island 15

aegina island 16

aegina island 7

aegina island 9

aegina island 3

That trip was a wonderful experience and we wanted so much to stay a little longer.

The next morning, after breakfast, we decided to travel back on a ferry (it takes an hour and a half) but is so worth it since we could enjoy the cool morning on the sea.

aegina island 20

aegina island 21

aegina island 22

Aegina is such a beautiful island. I definitely put it on my summer quick away from town list and I will stay more days next time.


P.S. I realise that this post is quite long, but I could not leave out the above photos as I tried to give you a more spherical view of the place. 


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  1. Reply


    August 12, 2015

    I love to travel and catch the moments.
    Colorful pictures and blue sky…
    Love it.

  2. Reply


    August 9, 2015

    Loved the post! I didn’t think it was too long at all…Looks like a fantastic getaway! What is the stringed thing next to the ice cream?

    • Reply


      August 9, 2015

      Thank you so so much Paula! I am so glad you liked it!! Next to my ice cream is one of the most delicious almond desserts, called kataif -really yammi!! Have a great Sunday!! 🙂


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