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Athens Marathon – The Authentic

By on November 12, 2014

the stadium

What a Day! What a Stadium! What an Event!

The Authentic Athens Marathon 2014 was completed last Sunday under the most beautiful blue sky, autumn could offer to the city.

Athletes from all over the world took part in this celebration of athletics, life, joy and optimism.

Such an honor and pride for us to be part of this institutional event and run up to the “Finish Line” inside the Panathenaic Stadium.

The emotions and the excitement of all people who participated cannot be easily described. Each of us had its own reasons for being there but the feelings were so strong that made our hearts to connect.

It`s time. The race begins. Colorful balloons suddenly fly up to the sky and really loud music fills up the streets of Athens. People start to cheer and laugh and celebrate. It’s such a great moment! From the speakers you can hear a kind voice thanking you for your presence and wishing you “good luck”.

You think, this is it. For a moment, just before you take your fist steps, you think you are alone. You are not alone.

Next to you are friends, colleagues, partners, strangers. They are not strangers.  They are happy people who joined the race for a good cause; they smile at you and motivate you to enjoy it.

The race has started. How long am I running for? Am I going to make it up to the stadium? You hear music again. It’s not from the speakers. This is live music. There they are. Musicians near by the street playing this amazing strong rhythm that keeps you in the race. You slow down for a while to cheer with them and show your appreciation for their attendance. They are great!

You must continue! How far is the Finish Line?

Last kilometer. Now you are tired. You need to make it. Are you going to make it?

 People standing near by the road, clapping and smiling, taking pictures and shouting at you, “You can do it! Keep running! You are almost there”!

You see a kid running in a wheel chair next to you and smile at each other. You see a couple with their baby in their arms. You see an old woman running along with her husband. We can all do it!

And then, you see the Stadium. You see the Finish Line. We did it!

Thirteen thousand athletes took part at the real 42 kilometers Marathon race. Nine thousand people took part at the 10 kilometers road race and another nine thousand at the 5 kilometers road race.

We will be there again next year!

Will you join us? Have you experienced something similar before? Or perhaps, are you planning to participate on a Marathon race?


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