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How To Easily Dye Red Eggs For The Greek Easter

By on April 29, 2016

how to easily dye red eggs for the greek easter

I finally did it!! I found some free time in my schedule to paint traditional red eggs for the Greek Easter!!

For some reason, I was really nervous and sure that my eggs will be a failure. I had done this again but it was many years ago, when still a student in London, so I was not feeling familiar with the process. But… it turns out to be an easy, fun procedure which I absolutely loved.

I think that shooting the eggs was way more difficult than making them red.

Anyway, on that post, I will just share the traditional way my mother does it as of today, for all of you who may also feel a bit nervous and don`t dare of trying, but you want to!!

the method

  • note that the eggs need to be on a room temperature state and not directly out of the fridge so they won`t break
  • gently wash them for their surface to be smooth
  • put a clean cotton cloth in your pan, cover them with water and boil for 30 minutes (at least) in a low temperature
  • remove them from heat and let them cool down for 45 minutes or an hour
  • depending on the paint you use, follow the exact instructions on the time you must leave the eggs on the paint
  • in the meantime, spread on your cooking bench newspapers or thick cartons
  • use a spoon and smoothly take out of the pot the eggs
  • place them on the newspaper /carton for them to dry
  • when dry, wipe them and polish them either with olive oil or with the paint`s included polish material

how to easily dye red eggs for the greek easter

Enjoy your classic easter red dyed eggs!!

I wish to all of you Good Luck & Happy Easter!! 🙂

Marianthi, xo

P.S.  greek salad the original 

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