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Athens Guide

New York Sandwiches In Athens

By on May 25, 2016

Hello!! Hello!! It`s been a while…

No, I did not abandon blogging… I have been seriously busy in the past few weeks and I will still be in the following ones but I`ll try to keep breathsndreams as updated as possible.

Seriously, a wedding takes A LOT of time and effort to get organised, but I need to tell you that I am enjoying every minute of that preparation and every meeting I have to attend.

Anyway, my weekends get lucky about the food I taste, since I have to be all day at the center of Athens with Gus and at some point we need to eat. So we visit many special food places that we discover and enjoy new ones while planning, rejecting or ordering.

Last week we visited New York Sandwiches, near Syntagma square just behind Filellinon street. It`a a small cosy place with a few tables and I really liked it.

new york sandwiches in athens breathsndreams

I know it is famous for its gorgeous burgers but I am afraid I can’t share any picture of those in my post. I am on specific diet these days and all I could eat was a salad. Ok, I also tasted a bit of the other two dishes we ordered but don`t tell that to my nutritionist nor Katerina, my maid of honors. They are both so strict!!

I have to admit that I was super jealous while looking at the next table to extra-large size burgers and fried potatoes below melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. Oh, I am going back again there and it`s going to be soon!!

new york sandwiches in athens breathsndreams

new york sandwiches in athens breathsndreams

So, we decided to order the large size of Caesar`s salad, eggs Benedict on english muffin with smoked ham and hollandaise sauce and one cream cheese bagel. Everything was served fast and tasted heavenly. It was all we needed after a full of tasks day.

I was told that we were really lucky to find a table and especially at the veranda since it is usually full and it requires a reservation. The prices were a bit high but we were more than happy with the quality of the food and the service.

new york sandwiches in athens breathsndreams


Marianthi, xo

+Have you a special fast food place at your city?

P.S. that sunday breakfast or breakfast under acropolis

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    May 31, 2016

    Everything looks delish and the street looks its on looks nice, too:)


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