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OTTO Love -A Great Athenian Bar/Restaurant –

By on April 30, 2016

It feels so good when you incidentally discover a new place in your city and it feels really really great when this place is your potential next “Cheers” spot – if you know what I mean.

A few days ago when we were looking for our wedding invitations downtown, we came across OTTO and decided to sit for some cold mezes and drinks.

We chose a table outside in order to enjoy more of the nice weather.

I absolutely loved the place which is so new that you could smell the freshly painted walls. It is at a great corner of St. Eirinis square, in Monastiraki, surrounded by a few more beautifully designed and modern bars/restaurants. The square is really popular for a few years now, especially to young aged people, who obviously support alternative, fashionable places.

otto athens

As I said, we decided to sit outside so I am afraid I don’t have shots from the inner of the restaurant which is a shame, because it is so handsome and elegant. The general quality of my pictures is not that good, but, I am so excited about OTTO, that I decided to share my experience anyway, feeling that a little less picture quality can be covered by the place`s quality instead.

So, as you already guessed, I am a big big fun of OTTO.

The kind and quick service, the presentation of the dishes and their taste, the quality of the ingredients, were more than what I look for in such restaurants. In addition to all that, I loved the design of the plates and placemats and in the end, I absolutely enjoyed a super stylish evening.


otto athens

otto athens

We ordered a green salad with chicken and yogurt sauce and one Greek salad with yellow cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, a crashed spinach pie with cold sauce on the side and little cream cheese donuts.

We were offered a variety of baked bread and bread sticks, with two dips of olive oil & balsamic vinegar and olive paste (which by the way it was such a killer combination with the corn stick, that I totally destroyed my diet. I didn`t care that much,it was sooo good!! There, I said it!! )

otto athens

otto athens

otto athens

otto athens

otto athens


We were given a large list of cocktails but we did not order any, so now we cannot wait to go back there and enjoy them, with a few more snacks!


+ Do you eat spontaneously out with your friends? 

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  1. Reply


    May 1, 2016

    Happy Easter, dear Marianthi

  2. Reply


    April 30, 2016

    Love the plate picture and tablecloth, looks so nice. Yes, I know what you mean by your “Cheers” place 🙂 Cool that you found it!


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