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Spain!! A Dream Come True!!

By on June 25, 2015

Dear friends, today I hand over the blog to a very special online friend of mine, David. 

I met him a couple of months ago through an online Intentional Blogging Challenge & he has supported my page a lot since then.

David`s blog http://byteofdata.com is a treasure hiding hundreds precious technology tips and he is doing a fantastic job!

I asked him to share a Dream of his & he happily accepted.

So, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!! 

Welcome to breathsndreams David!!

Firstly, or should that be Alpha, (my Greek isn’t so good) thanks to Marianthi for inviting me to write on her beautiful lifestyle blog.

I first met Marianthi during our Intentional Blogging Challenge last year. Since then we’ve become online friends and tried to help each other over our blogging hurdles.

If you ever visit my blog you’ll find it’s quite different to Breaths&Dreams. I’m blogging from a tech perspective

So today I wanted to write about something especially for you.


Who doesn’t have dreams? I think we all do. Whether we can remember them is another thing. Ann will often say, “What did you dream about last night?” and I’ll scratch my head and say, “I haven’t the faintest idea!”

But there is one dream I had for a long time.

Ten years ago we were fortunate enough to be able to buy a small apartment in Spain. It’s in a small fishing port – Puerto de Mazarron – in the region of Murcia. It’s typically Spanish, which is what we wanted.

spain 1

Since then we’ve wanted to be able to spend more time here. Working full-time in the UK, in grey, damp Manchester only allowed us to spend a few weeks a year in sunny, warm Spain.

spain 6 

My dream was to be able to spend more time here in Spain. I say here, because right now I’m writing this blog post from Spain.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Its one thing to have a dream, but how do you make it real?

Well, for us, we set a target that we would leave our UK jobs by a certain date.That’s scary! But it makes you focus!

I wanted a job where I could work online from either the UK or Spain, or even Greece, or anywhere in the world. So, I started looking online for the right opportunities and decided that having my own online business would be best for me.

Then I started reading and learning, and teaching myself the basics. (And I’m still learning!)

At the same time we knew we would need savings to live off, as there would be a long period before I started generating income.

  • We dreamed
  • We planned
  • We saved

…and last September

  • We started

Now I’m living my dream. I’m spending my time between the UK and Spain.

spain 4

We’ve just had a wonderful 10 weeks in Spain enjoying the warm climate, taking walks by the sea, dining outdoors in the evening sun, and swimming in the pool each day.

spain 5

spain 2

It’s a whole new lifestyle, it’s the Mediterranean lifestyle, but its one we’re enjoying more each day.

It’s a dream come true!

spain 3

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Photo Credit toDavid Hartshorne
















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