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Coffee Love At Vanilla Bistro Love!! Athens Downtown!!

By on August 7, 2015

vanilla 18

Are you looking for a cosy bistro to relax and enjoy Greek mezedes, homemade pies and delicious desserts?

This post is written for you!

A few weeks ago, I discovered this little bistro, the Vanilla Bistro and its amazing atmosphere, at the center of Athens and decided to introduce you to it.

I was meeting my friend Sofia for coffee, some dessert and a lot of chit-chat -of course!

Vanilla Bistro was the ideal place for us!

The coffee shop is open only for a few months and it has already made a positive impact on Veikou Str.

It is 5 minutes walk away from the Acropolis museum and 4 streets above the metro station of Syggrou Str.
vanilla 7

vanilla 5

vanilla 6

vanilla 8

vanilla 9

Maggie and Nikos are the owners of the shop, so polite and friendly and they truly welcome you to their bistro.

They have created a bright, cosy place to crush alone or with friends, any time of the day since the shop is open all day long, till late at night.

The spot of the place is at a corner and you can choose whether to sit outside in its open space and enjoy the energy of the neighborhood or inside and enjoy the simplicity of the decor and the free wifi (just as I did while I was waiting for my friend to come).

vanilla 10

vanilla 12

vanilla 11

vanilla 16

vanilla 13

vanilla 14

When Sofia came, I had already tasted a fresh (really fresh) orange juice and ate Niko`s mother handmade grape spoon sweet (see the picture below… I still think about that amazing taste). 

The menu of Vanilla is rich, full of snacks, Greek mezedes, sweets and delicious handmade pies, all created by Nikos mother (seriously now, could she come at my house and cook for me??)

athens vanilla bistro

vanilla 19

vanilla 20

vanilla 4

vanilla 1

vanilla 2

vanilla 15

Vanilla Bistro has become one of my favorite spots at the center of Athens.

I can go by myself and write my blog posts while enjoying drinks and bites (did I mention that they have the most polite staff I have met??)

If you visit the place tell them hello from me!!

See you soon at Vanilla Bistro!!

Take Care!!

Marianthi, xo

Veikou 40, 215 5259301


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  1. Reply


    September 5, 2015

    “Are you looking for a cosy bistro to relax and enjoy Greek mezedes, homemade pies and delicious desserts?”

    Yes! But I would have to get to Greece first! You make it look so inviting, Marianthi. I hope this delightful place has not suffered too much in the financial difficulties befalling Greece.

    • Reply


      September 5, 2015

      Oh!! Debbie… first of all, come to Greece! You will not regret it!! 🙂 Vanila Bistro is actually, what you see in the pictures. A beautiful, cozy, place! Unfortunatelly, we all still suffer, but we don`t give up!! Thank you so much for your concern!! Have a great weekend!!

      • Reply


        September 5, 2015

        would love to! whenever I get out of China i seem to just go home to Australia!
        glad to hear the people of Greece are still going strong. such an ancient culture, suffering at the hands of the euro-sharks!

  2. Reply


    August 30, 2015

    You make this look so inviting. I want to sit in a chair by the open sides and watch the world go by.

    • Reply


      September 1, 2015

      Ah!! Great Choice!! 🙂

  3. Reply


    August 8, 2015

    Φαίνεται πανέμορφο και τόσο ζεστό! Σίγουρα θα το επισκεφτώ κάποια στιγμή! Τέλειες φωτογραφίες!!


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